Friday, February 26, 2010

Photography on the Rise

Well... a long cold Texas winter is starting to wane and the first big local photography opportunity is upon us. Tomorrow the many trail riders who give up their annual vacations to be a part of our history leading into the future converge on downtown Houston from their final bivouac at Memorial Park. They, and their horses and wagons will be dressed up for the big party that is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade. I usually go down there with my camera to welcome them in to town. I have a sweet location to shoot from that affords great views of the road travelled and the road ahead. It is a blast - I can't wait!

A week from now I have a date with a Moose and a Mac and a few of their friends. It will be 3-1/2 days of photography immersion and sleep deprivation in the beautiful old town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Along the way I will get to visit with an old college friend and I will get to spend the second half of the week on vacation with Ms. C. It doesn't get any better than that!

Last night Ms. C and I hosted a wine dinner for a few friends. Much wine was consummed, and in the whirlwind that was the evening I was approached by a friend whose business is celebrating  their first year of life with a party for some of the hoi polloi in Houston. She asked me to provide photography services at the party. It will be another first for me, this society event. I know it will be another great learning experience...and I know it will be published. Who knows what might come of this? One of these days I might start getting paid for this stuff!

Keep the faith!

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