Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On Reaching 50

I am not a black balloon kind of guy. I am usually a "glass is half full" kind of guy. I have drunk gallons of lemonade made from lemons tossed at me by LIFE. And I really do believe that...just like today...the sun will come up tomorrow.

I have been fortunate to live on this Earth for 50 years. I was born in Texas, made by Texans, and by the grace of some higher order (you take your pick)...I am a Texas Aggie.

In my lifetime I have seen man land on the moon as he sought to explore the heavens. I have experienced life on 5 of the 7 continents. I have seen the dawn of the Information Age and been in on the ground floor of the Computer Era. I have known true love and I have seen the birth of my only child (aren't those the same thing?)

I have seen darker sides of life as well. Mostly from a distance, but sometimes close enough to leave a mark. I was raised by parents who, in their own way, really cared. As a result, I never created enough of a ruckus that caused them any major embarassment.

I have felt the pain of the death of a loved one...several times. Each time made me realize how special our life really is, and that we should share it to the fullest with those we really care about. As my buddy Skip tells me all the time - this Life ain't a dress rehearsal. It play it for real.

I always knew that when I got to this point in life, I would be lucky if there were just a few folks around who even cared. Ms. C decided to risk her soul (I am not always as gracious as I should be when she tries to do something nice for me) and throw a little party this coming weekend to celebrate the occasion. I was figuring maybe a dozen of the usual suspects would be coming by (hey...we got wine...and for free!)

She tells me that there will be 30-50 people coming to the party. Many of these friends will be traveling from far enough away that a night in a hotel will be required. To say I am floored at the prospect of this kind of turnout would be a grand understatement. To say that I am humbled and grateful wouldn't begin to describe the emotions I am feeling.

You think she told them about the wine???

Thanks Sploorky. I heart you very much.

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