Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Friends, Family and the Dog Days of Summer

I have had an incredible Summer. No major family road trip or ostentatious vacation. Just us...Ms. C, Miss E and me. And some very special friends.Nothing else was needed...nothing else required.

Miss E had a multitude of camp experiences that will be the envy of her friends when the teacher asks her to present to the theme of "How I spent my summer vacation..." She will no doubt tell stories of the splendours of life during the reign of King Arthur (as she learned in her camp that taught the Science of the Round Table). She will regale her friends with tales of her riding skills developed during her one week camp at the All Heart Horse Farm.

And she will most certainly tell her new 4th grade running buddies about how to build a water filtration unit from a coke bottle and some rocks and a certain kind of dirt as she learned in her Survivor Camp. And I am sure that she will be among many who were able to see...and smell ... the mysterious, and ultimately disappointing spectacle that was the bloom of the rare Corpse Flower (Lois to her millions of admirers!)

Ms. C got a taste of being a full-time Mom this summer. She did all the heavy lifting during our annual visit with E. She took her to, and picked her up from camp every day while I was at work. She also did a modicum of work related to her own job, and she managed to fit in quite a bit of time with Miss E to help her as she is blossoming into a young lady. I nervously watched as Ms. C pushed the boundaries to try and break through and get E's attention focused a little tighter so that she would begin to realize that everything she will do in life has consequences. It wasn't a battle royal yet...but the teen years are coming and they are going to be interesting...to say the least.

Through all of this, Ms. C was able to enjoy some true quality time with our young Miss. And that was fun to watch. I also made sure that they each got a little pampering during the month. There is nothing like sending your two favorite girls off for a Spa day while staying at a wonderful hotel in the heart of the Alamo City. They were glowing and relaxed like I had never seen them when they returned from this treat... a facial and a manicure for Ms. C ; and a mani-pedi for Miss E. They could not wait to show off Miss E's green toenail polish to dear old Dad. I was thrilled to no end!

As for me...I had a pretty interesting month with my camera. It started with my fireworks adventure chronicled in last months post. It ended with an adventure enabled by my buddy and mentor Doug Durham. Doug invited Miss E and I to his photo studio so I could work a little under the big lights. I had an idea for a concept shoot that involved Miss E and a couple of her favorite things: her stuffed bunny, Lavender, and her Nintendo DSi.

The concept...and the story...goes something like this:

There are two things in Ms. E's life that she would be adrift without...Her stuffed Bunny (who we shall call Lavender) and her Nintendo DSI. Little does she know, but one of them has secretly been untrue to her...

Ms. E is momentarily distracted by a phone call. Lavender seizes upon the opportunity to extend her own relationship with DSi...

After completing her phone call, Ms. E turns and realizes that her faithful sidekick , who she has trusted with her most intimate secrets, has actually been coveting time with the irrepressible Pinky... Miss E reaches for what is rightfully hers...

Undaunted, Lavender reaches for the only defense that she has...the only thing which will earn her the respect that she deserves...the ONLY thing that will bring Pinky back to her!

Ms. E realizes that it ain't no fun when the Bunny has the gun!

Thus endeth the concept...

Miss E and I also had the opportunity to work with a truly gifted model/actress from the UK by the name of Niccola Michelle Airey. She is a family friend of the Durhams and a truly generous soul. As a result of her largesse, I was able to work through some additional concepts involving  both girls: Here they are as the world famous (almost) dancing team of Porkpie and Fedora, doing their level best to lure Fosse back from the grave for one last audition...
And I was able to create a couple of portfolio shots with Nicki alone. First, an image that I had envisioned before I ever set foot in the studio using a stunning Venetian masque that I had picked up the week before.

And then there is this one...an image that was beautiful right out of the camera. But I wouldn't leave well enough alone - nosiree - I just couldn't do that. I used it to experiment with post processing methods, and darnit, I think it came out pretty well. I will leave the final determination up to you.

I also managed to get what is probably the best portrait of my lovely daughter taken this year. If you have been following this blog, you realize that is a pretty tall order to fill. You can be the judge for yourself.
This studio session was the last major event of the summer visit with my young daugther. I set up the date so that she and I could spend some quality time together. The experiences we have had this month have been amazing and life-enriching. Our photo session was simply an extension of those good times. 
Without the efforts of Ms. C, Doug, Niccola and , of course, Miss E, the Summer would not have been as special as it was.  As the years go by, the time spent with friends and family becomes more precious. I never want it to end, but end it must. This was our denouement... as our Summer fades to black...
Keep the faith

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  1. It was a great summer.....I'd do it all over again!