Thursday, May 20, 2010

So...this is what it is like to be a Pro

I haven't posted a blog entry for about 4-6 weeks. It isn't that I have been hiding...I have actually been having the time of my life filling my supposed "free" time with working photography gigs. These have ranged in scope from my first time "studio" work with a family looking to get some quality family portraits to covering events for customers to shooting events that are seasonal in nature for myself. And of course, I did my annual wildflower shoot with Ms. E  - nothing truly spectacular this year but I did get one or two pretty cool shots of my darling daughter.

I found myself working my day job for the average 10 or so hours a day and then coming home to spend 3-4 hours a night  to get my photo editing out of the way so that I could be ready for the next outing. In one stretch of 10 days, I had 5 different gigs to shoot and process. It was a blast, but this whole period just reinforced to me that, if I ever intend to do this job professionally, then I am going to have to devote myself to it full time. To do it any other way would mean compromising on quality in one of the two jobs, and I couldn't deal with that.

So , hear are some samples from the multiple events that I shot over the last 6 weeks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

1. Wildflowers with Ms. E and Friends

2. The Doggett Family Portrait

3. Houston Hip and Haute Derby Party

4. Ms. E's First Piano Recital

5. Keels and Wheels Concours d'Elegance

6. Houston Art Car Parade 2010

And last, but not least...Ms Levenia's 80th

All through the month there were photo opportunities at Lemmings Walk. We had an incredible crop of wildflowers and our garden was quite prolific. Here is an example of the bounty of nature that was displayed before the lens.

As I has been a good month filled with beautiful and fun encounters with the people of Southeast Texas. You should be so lucky - so , pick up your camera and make a picture!

Keep the faith.

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